Quite Like Chip: 3 Heroes to Beat Him

Quite Like Chip: 3 Heroes to Beat Him

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has its fair share of heroes, but none quite like Chip. This support hero, also known as the Phase Technician, brings a whole new level of strategy to the game. With his ultimate, Shortcut, Chip can create portals that turn a simple 1v1 into a wild team brawl. But fear not, because we’ve got the lowdown on the three best heroes to counter Chip’s tricky moves.

Quite Like Chip: Tank It with Tigreal

When Chip is causing chaos with his portals, Tigreal steps up to the plate. This tank hero is a real powerhouse and can handle Chip’s shenanigans like a pro. Tigreal’s durability and crowd control abilities make it tough for This hero to execute his teleportation tricks. So, if you want to give Chip a taste of his own medicine, Tigreal is your go-to hero.

Quite Like Chip: Barats: The Counter-Chip Monster

Barats is the go-to guy when you need to shut down This hero sneaky maneuvers. This tank-fighter hybrid has the strength to withstand Chip’s attacks and the agility to close in for the takedown. Barats’ disruptive skills can throw This hero off balance, making it harder for him to set up those pesky portals. If you’re looking for a hero to outmaneuver Chip, Barats is your man.

Quite Like Chip: Minsitthar: The Portal Blocker

Minsitthar is the unsung hero when it comes to countering Chip’s teleportation antics. This warrior’s ability to restrict enemy movement is precisely what you need to keep This hero in check. Minsitthar’s ultimate, Minsitthar’s Rage, creates a zone where enemies can’t use any dashes or blinks. This effectively shuts down Chip’s portal tricks, giving your team the upper hand in team fights. So, if you’re tired of Chip’s teleportation games, enlist Minsitthar and let him be the portal blocker your team deserves.

Why These Heroes?

Now, you might be wondering why Tigreal, Barats, and Minsitthar are the chosen ones to take down Chip. Well, let’s break it down.
• Durability: Tigreal and Barats bring the muscle, boasting high durability to withstand Chip’s attacks.
• Disruption: Barats and Minsitthar disrupt Chip’s plans with their powerful crowd control abilities, making it difficult for him to execute his teleportation tricks smoothly.
• Zone Control: Minsitthar’s ability to create a no-dash zone hampers Chip’s mobility, limiting his escape routes during team fights.

In Conclusion

This hero may be a versatile support hero, but every hero has their kryptonite. In this case, Tigreal, Barats, and Minsitthar are the ultimate counters to Chip’s teleportation madness. So, the next time you find yourself up against Chip in Mobile Legends. Pick one of these heroes, and show him who’s AGENGACOR boss!