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Greetings ~

Not too long ago I put up a post here about a workshop that I am doing in the Seattle area the first part of February:

Seattle Flier PNG

Since then, I have gotten some feedback indicating that while several people are curious and interested in attending, there are concerns that this workshop is for Pagans only, and thus they would not be able to attend.

I apologize for this misunderstanding, and would like to now clarify..

This workshop is for anyone and everyone who is interested in learning more about ASL, Interpreting, and Deaf Culture. All are welcomed. You do not need to be Pagan in order to attend. Yes, we will be discussing Paganism. But more to the point, we will be discussing Power, and Transformation, and Change, and Ethics, and Creating Safe Space. We will talk about interpreting rites and chants and spiritual concepts. We will examine such issues as preparing to interpret a ritual, or dealing with low lighting, movement, and unique uses of space. These are all topics that while we may be looking at them from a Pagan perspective, they can be applied to various situations Рnon-spiritual as well as spiritual.

I have sent out a “letter of explanation” regarding this matter:

seattle greetings jpeg

I do hope that you will give this workshop some serious thought, and consider attending.

After all, you do want to know why Deaf people make such great wizards, don’t you???

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