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Last weekend, my good friend Tara texted me to ask if I wanted to join her to go to the Flea Off Market.

Flea Off Shirt

Naturally I said “Yes!”

The Flea Off Market is a fun, funky flea market that occurs one weekend per month in the NuLu section of Louisville, in a parking lot off Market Street (hence the name). There’s various booths selling all sorts of kewl items. It’s a great place to browse and pick up a trinket or a treasure, often at bargain prices.

Flea Off Alley

But first we had to find the booth of Tara’s hubby. His name is Billie Bradford-Believe, and he’s a woodworker who makes beautiful furniture, which he was displaying at his booth. He had a number of items,

including tables

Billie's Table

chairs and lamps

Billie's Chair and Lamp

and candle holders.

Billie's Candlesticks

Billie’s chairs are beautiful and surprisingly comfortable. I want one for my home office. Maybe it will help me finish writing the book I’ve been working on for the past year…

Billie's Chair

If you’re interested in one of Billie’s handcrafted items, check out his website here:


Although it was a beautiful day, the weather was a bit nippy. It is November, after all. The Flea Off people had graciously considered the weather changes and there were a number of fire pits scattered about, with campfires burning. And of course, if you’re going to have a fire, then you need to have that special snack that makes it all worthwhile:

S'More Table 1

Being the s’more fans that we are, Tara and I could hardly resist. So we stopped at one of the tables, grabbed a long fork, and proceeded to roast our ‘mallows and create our sammiches.

S'More Table 2

They were ooey and gooey and sticky and chewy. And filled with chocolatey, marshmallowy, grahamy deliciousness.

The s’mores left me wanting something to quench my thirst, so I sidled up to the Flea Off Bar and ordered myself a drink.

Flea Off Bar

Because I love ginger, I got the Ginger Please – a powerful concoction of bourbon, ginger ale, and fresh ginger juice. It was quite good, and left a nice warm feeling in my tummy (and my head!)

Now it was time to go browsing. Alas, my budget did not allow for a lot of spending, although I did find some really cute earrings that I decided I had to have. Tara had purchased a similar pair earlier in the year that I really admired, and the guy had a booth at the Market. Interestingly, these earrings are made from old wood skateboards which he repurposes into other items, including jewelry.

skateboard earrings

Then I came across another jewelry booth that was selling necklaces created from pieces of driftwood. My eyes went immediately to one particular necklace, which was calling out my name. While I didn’t have the funds to purchase it, I just had to try it on. So Tara clasped it around my neck, and then we both admired it.

Standing next to me was a young woman and her mate, whom I assume was either her boyfriend or husband. She was watching me try on the necklace, and exclaimed “that necklace is just perfect for you!” I smiled and agreed, and then remarked sadly to Tara how I wish I had the money to purchase it. Apparently this woman overheard me, because the next thing I knew, Tara was telling me “she’s buying it for you.”

I was flabbergasted. I didn’t even know this woman, having never met her before. But here she was, buying me this necklace simply because she felt it needed to go home with me. For good measure, she decided to buy one for herself as well, and I helped her pick out just the right piece of driftwood to match her beautiful personality. I wish I had gotten a picture of her. But her beautiful face is forever etched in my mind, and I will recall it every time I wear my necklace.

Gin and Necklace

So dear sweet lady…I just want to take this moment to thank you for making my day. You have no idea how much your generous kind deed meant to me. This necklace means even more because of you. Please know that I send most loving energies your way, and ask that the Goddess bless you and keep you…today, tomorrow, and for all the days of your life.

By the way, a shout-out to Bridget and Ryan Case of Sink or Swim Art Studio, who created the beautiful necklace. You can check them out at their Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/SinkorSwimStudio

In midst of our shopping, an announcement was made that it was time for Chicken Shit Bingo.

Chicken Shit Bingo

That’s right…bingo played with a pair of hens. One buys a number to play bingo. Then the chicken coop is gently moved (along with the hens) over a square of numbers, and everyone stands around and waits for one of the fowl to take a poop. Whatever number the shit falls on is the winner. Whoever possesses that number wins a prize, and the money collected for the game is then donated to charity. The game was played several times over the course of the day…unfortunately I didn’t win any of them. Stupid chickens.

Hens and Bingo

Next to Billie’s booth was a booth that was selling used books, so being the bibliophile that I am, I had to take a peek at his collection of tomes. The gentleman had an interesting variety, and I saw several that appealed to me, but didn’t buy any.

Book Shop

However, Tara did get a book for me, which unbeknown to her at the time, was written by someone I know – Celtic scholar, shamanic priestess and Facebook friend Caitlin Matthews, who along with her husband John Matthews has written several books that I own and enjoy. (Check them out at their website: www.hallowquest.org.uk) Now I have another to add to that collection. Thank you!

Caitlin book

All in all it was a good day. I got to warm myself up at a campfire, eat some yummy treats, enjoy a good drink, buy some pretty ear bobs, cuss out some chickens, meet some wonderful people, and be gifted a magickal necklace and an equally magickal book.

And spend time with a friend.

Tara and Gin at Flea Off

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