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My readers who have been following the Crossroads for awhile might recall that in the past, to celebrate the Winter Solstice, I did a month’s worth of posts entitled “The Yule Series” in which I shared information about various aspects of the season’s holiday celebrations – such topics as the meaning of solstice, the return of the sun, old woman winter, the boar’s head, celebrating the new year, etc. etc.

Rather than re-publishing all of these different posts , I am simply going to list them here with links, so that my readers can simply click on the titles and go to the various posts to learn more. I encourage all of my readers to go to these various posts to learn more about the holiday season. I will also try to post some new topics as my time permits.


~ Ocean


Studying the Winter Solstice

An introduction into the Winter Solstice and why we celebrate it

A Solstice Quiz

Test your knowledge about the Winter Solstice with this quiz!

The Meaning of Solstice

This post explains exactly what the Winter Solstice is and why we celebrate it


Chamber of the Sun

The welcoming back of the sun at an ancient site in Ireland

Helios, Sol and Saturnalia

The sun and its importance in the celebration of the Winter Solstice

Old Woman Winter

Learning about the Cailleach… the deity who personifies this time of year

Turning Towards the Morning

A beautiful song by Gordon Bok which expresses the meaning of this time of year


The Sun In the Greenwood

(to be read on December 21st!)

A ritual for the Winter Solstice

The Twelve Days of Christmas

(to be read on December 26!)

An introduction to the true meaning of the twelve days of Christmas

The First Four Days

(to be read from December 26th – December 29th)

A study of the first four days of the Twelve Days of Christmas

December 30th

(to be read on December 30th!)

This posts describes the ancient custom of “bringing in the boar”…

Serving Your Own Boar’s Head

(to be read on December 30th as well!)

How to bring in the boar if you don’t feel like beheading a pig

December 31st

(to be read on December 31st!)t

Traditions of celebrating New Year’s Eve

Stonehaven Fireball Festival

to be read on December 31st!)

How New Year’s Eve is celebrated in one village in Scotland

New Year’s Eve Customs

(to be read on December 31st!)

Rituals and folk customs for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Day

(to be read on January 1st!)

Discussing the history of New Year’s Day

New Year’s Divination

(to be read on January 1st also!)

Divining the future on New Year’s Day

Snow Day

(to be read on January 2nd!)

Celebrating the importance of snow for the Yule season


The Little Bird and the Evergreens

(to be read the first week of January)

A story about the origin of the evergreen tree

The Twelfth Night

(to be read on January 5th – the evening before Epiphany)

Discussing the customs of the Twelfth Night)

Twelfth Night Recipes

(also to be read on January 5th)

How to make your own Twelfth night cakes for celebrating Epiphany

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