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If you’re a regular visitor to the Crossroads, then you probably know that I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. Far too easy to make, and even easier to break.


Instead, I do Year Words.

This is an idea that I began implementing in 2011, after learning about it from a fellow blogger. A Year Word is exactly that – it’s a word to set the tone of the year. It’s not a promise, it’s not a goal, it’s not a set of rules. Instead it’s a thought, a feeling, a vision. It carries with it a sense of purpose and an established intention, but there’s no pressure. None of the expectations nor punishments of a resolution. And none of the guilt.


Over the years, I have had different Words of the Year:

In 2011 and continuing in 2012, my word was “Roots” – aptly chosen for where I was at in my life during those years.


In 2013 I chose another earthy concept as my Year Word – “Compost.” This word symbolized my desire to take all the shit I had been accumulating in my life and turning it into a rich medium for growth and change; for making positive things happen.


When 2014 rolled around, I found myself wanting to go in a different direction. While earthy matters were still important to me, I found myself changing, pursuing new areas of interest…particularly writing. I announced that I was working on a book, and found myself wanting a word that reflected this newfound sense of purpose. So my Year Word for 2014 was “Pages.”



Indeed, 2014 was all about creating pages. I wrote pages of my book. I attended the Midwest Writers Workshop at Ball State University in Indiana, where I learned how to craft better pages. I took an on-line writing course. I shared my pages with others and asked for their feedback. I kept a journal where I documented the happenings of my life on blank pages, filling them with my words. Page after page after page.

I’m still working on my book. I’m still Pursuing and Accomplishing Goals with Enthusiasm to assure Success. But somehow, I sense that 2015 will be different. While I will still be focused on writing, the direction will shift a bit. I’ve gotten a lot of my pages written – now it’s time to start organizing, editing, and putting everything together. Not merely with my book, but with my life as well. I’m completing some projects, and starting new ones. I’m starting to put things together, and move forward.

Even the tarot indicates this – while figuring out my Year Card for 2015, I discovered that I was beginning a new cycle in the new year. After several years of consecutive cards, I’m now shifting to a whole new journey down the path of the Major Arcana. In 2014 my year card was #15, The Devil. Indeed, it often felt like I was fighting the devil himself. But in 2015 I won’t be moving on to card #16. Rather I will be starting anew with card #7, The Chariot. I’ll be charting a new direction, moving ahead with decisions, overcoming difficulties and accomplishing objectives.

So I want something that while still maintaining a writing theme, indicates this change…this moving forward.

That’s when it occurred me… I am moving forward. I’m moving from mere pages to chapters. I’m taking all those pages of 2014 (and other past years) and making something out of them. I’m putting them all together and creating something new from it all. Something that I think will be pretty darn awesome. I’ll do some editing here, some rewriting there. I’ll add a little, remove a little, tweak things as needed. I’ll figure out where I want to start, and how I want to end. I’ll figure out which chapters I want to keep and which I want to get rid of. I’ll close one chapter, and begin another one. And always, I will keep moving forward, making thing happen, and by the end of the year, hopefully I will have the final product.

So that’s my Word of the Year for 2015.


I intend to create ~

to write…

to live…

to experience…

to celebrate…

some good ones.


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