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Dinner now over, everyone moves into the log cabin’s cozy living room, filled with antiques and art.

cabin living room

Settling herself in a large comfortable chair, Ocean begins opening and enjoying the various gifts that some of her friends have chosen to give her to celebrate this birthday.


Ghosties Gift - Nautilus Shell

A beautiful nautilus shell from Ghostie 

who clearly knows my love for spirals and seashells!


Vikee - pressie Learjet to fly back and forth to Ireland

A Learjet…so I can fly to Ireland any time I want! Thanks, Vikee!


Fairy Goblet - Wolf Wind

A fairy goblet from Wolf Wind…

which will certainly come in handy for enjoying my mead!


August 2014L 055a-001

A wave from the ocean, as photographed by Robin

What could be better?


pagan candle GiGi

A beautiful candle, just waiting to be lit in celebration of my special day!

A gift from Gigi


saori jacket

Knowing my love for handwoven items,

Kristen has given me this gorgeous jacket.


Tiffany Journal - Cedar

A Tiffany-Design Journal Book from Cedar
Perfect for jotting down thoughts and ideas for future books!


Advice from Horse Pillows

“Advice From a Horse” pillows given by Crystal
Perfect for satisfying the equine lover in me!


slap happy drum

A beautiful Mosaic Ashiko Drum, to replace the one stolen from my car

A gift from Hawk




Because she knows my love for spirals, handmade pottery, and teapots

A teapot and matching teacups from Willow



FireSpirit gave me this beautiful pair of earrings

made with ocean jasper beads & brown sea glass worn smooth by the waves



To honor my love of both Ireland and horses,

here is Jane’s gift of a hand-carved wood wall plaque

representing Epona, the Celtic Goddess of Horses


Parc Guell

Ireland may soon have a rival for my list of favorite international places to visit…

once I return from my all-expenses paid trip to Barcelona, Spain!
I’m packing my bags for this gift from David


Dave's house

From Dave comes a new home to relax and enjoy.

“For your birthday, I found the perfect home.
I give this to you so:
you can have firm Earth under you;
the peace of Water to meditate by;
plenty of Air to renew your soul;
the Fire of inspiration (and no fear of setting your house ablaze)”

Once I get back from my Spain trip, my bags and I will move right in!



And when I feel the need to get away from it all and escape to nature

I can do it in this Mini Pop-Up Camper Trailer

A gift from Hawk and Willow



Robin sends me a Magickal Ball of Birthday Wishes

with this photograph of a dandelion


Fairy Wrens - Wolf Wind

These delightful little birds, an actual species known as

Purple Crowned Fairy Wrens

have been summoned by Wolf Wind to delight us all

and wish me a most blessed Happy Birthday

What wonderful presents!

I have throughly enjoyed each and every one of them. 

A very heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you for your gifts, 

and especially the gift of friendship. 


 As the sun begins to set, the lights are turned off, the candelabra is lit, and the birthday cake is brought out to the acclaims of all:

fall cake

Then grabbing a cupcake, everyone heads back outside to sit around the fireplace and enjoy the flames.


Thank you for joining me at my party.

If you haven’t tried the dishes at the birthday buffet,

check out this link



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