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Please leave a comment so I know you were here at the bash!

And thank you for coming! 

First of all, I would like to thank y’all for joining me here in cyberspace for this wonderful gathering…celebrating not only the Summer Solstice, but also my 30th Anniversary as an ordained Wiccan High Priestess. Whether you came by broom, teleport, TARDIS, or wriggling your nose…I’m glad you’re here.

Although I am in the process of writing a book, I’m afraid I’ve yet to rake in the big bucks of Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. So as much as I would love to throw a bash where money is no object, the best I can do is wave my magick wand and transport us all out to a horse farm in Central Kentucky… where rolling green hills are lined with wood rail fences, and horses graze away on the bluegrass. We meet in a field near one of the barns, and in the air is the delicious smell of good food cooking over the coals.


To honor Ocean’s Southern Indiana roots, as well as her current residency in Kentucky, we’re going with tradition and serving up Midwestern food with a decidedly Kentucky twist. You’ll find a little bit of everything on the buffet menu at this party, folks!

To start us off, let’s check out the appetizers.

Although she’s a native Hoosier, Osh has lived in a number of states over the years, included several years up in “America’s Dairyland” – Wisconsin and Minnesota. As a result, she has a big love for something you can find in both of those states…

Fried Cheese Curds.

cheese curds

Yup, they are exactly what they look and sound like… cheese curds dipped into batter and deep fried. Those mozzarella sticks you get in restaurants can’t hold a candle to a genuine fried curd. Just a hunk of gooey warm cheddar goodness. Good eats.

Speaking of mozzarella, that’s another cheesy fave. Especially marinated mozzarella, served on kebob sticks with cherry tomatoes.

mozz and tomato sticks

Anyone who knows Kentucky is familiar with the Kentucky Hot Brown – it’s basically an open-faced hot sandwich made with turkey, cheese, bacon, and tomato. Here we have a smaller version of it served as an appetizer…

hot browns

There’s also spinach-artichoke dip and reuben dip, served with various chips, crackers and  slices of bread:

reuben dip

And because Osh loves them so much…deviled eggs.


Now head over to those big cast-iron cauldrons hanging from hooks over the campfires, bubbling merrily away.


Being that we’re in bluegrass country, you can’t throw a big bash without that Kentucky tradition- Burgoo. What is Burgoo? It’s a thick spicy stew…traditionally made with various types of game and an assortment of vegetables. Not one to buck tradition, we’re making ours with venison, squirrel, and pheasant, and loading up on the veggies – carrots, celery, onion, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, okra and lima beans. It’s thick and hearty and yummy.

burgoo 2

Now, Osh grew up in southern Indiana, and Hoosiers have their own version of burgoo – Snapping Turtle Soup. It’s made much like burgoo, only the meat in the soup is…you guessed it, snapping turtle. And before you say “yuck,” let it be known that those nasty ugly ole critters actually are good eats. Much like burgoo, it’s thick, dark and hearty…and loaded with a variety of vegetables.


Kentucky Burgoo and Hoosier Turtle Soup. Why not sample a bit of both and decide which you like better?

And for our vegetarian Friends of the Crossroads, we’ve a delicious tomato bisque that you’re sure to love!



I hope y’all came with BIG appetites, because now we are moving on to the main course…

bbq sign

Yup, folks… we be having ourselves a barbecue!

And we’re not confining ourselves to just pork, either. True, some of the best “Q” I’ve had was pork…but we’ve got it all – pork, beef, chicken…


and something that many people have never tried but is a Kentucky speciality:

Barbecued mutton.


Mutton is the meat of an adult sheep. Usually considered to be too tough and with too strong a taste to be good for the dinner table, mutton takes on a whole different character when it’s cooked low and slow over hot coals. If you’ve never had barbecued mutton, you’re in for a real treat. Be sure to put a helping of it on your plate!

But even if mutton ain’t your thing, we have plenty of ‘cue to make any carnivore happy. So head on over to the pit and sample the various meats:

Pulled pork




Ribs (both beef and pork)

Slabs of BBQ Spare ribs

and Chicken


Growing up along the Ohio River, for Ocean fish meant catfish…dipped in cornmeal and fried to a delicious golden brown. We call ’em “fiddlers” around here – because they are usually a smaller size (between 6 to 12 inches) that come along and fiddle with your bait…making them a bit harder to catch at times. But when you can catch ’em, clean ’em, and cook ’em…they make music to dance by.


To go along with them fiddlers, we also offer good ole southern fried chicken…and I’m not talking about the stuff you get at KFC!


We’ve got plenty of sides too… including grilled corn on the cob and vegetable kebobs

corn on the cob


Macaroni and Cheese


Potato Salad (we offer various recipes, so you’re sure to find a version you like!)


Squash Casserole



Green Beans sauteed with Garlic

green beans14

And baked barbecued beans.


Yup, folks…this is a heart attack waiting to happen.

And to wash it all down, we have the traditional Kentucky drink…



Our bartenders can mix it with just about anything you desire, or make you the cocktail of your choice…including the traditional Mint Julep:



Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper High Priestess bash without the proper Pagan drink of choice…


Not to worry, folks… we have plenty of bottles to go around – all of it homemade from my friendly meadmakers! That’s the best kind!

bottles of mead


For our friends who do not imbibe, we have Osh’s Famous Mint Lemonade, and Southern Sweet Tea.


Hey, you did leave room for dessert, didn’t you? Head on over to the sweets table, which is ladened with various cakes, pies, cobblers, and other yummy sugary treats. There’s also homemade ice cream. But we are in Kentucky, and that means you gotta try a slice of Kentucky Derby Pie. Although there are various recipes for it, Derby Pie basically contains three essential ingredients: chocolate, nuts, and bourbon.

derby pie

Actually Osh isn’t all that fond of Derby Pie, so we’ve made up another pie especially for her…

cherry apricot peach pie

It’s a cherry apricot peach pie…because that’s what Ocean likes. And on her special day, what Osh wants is what Osh gets.

So enjoy yourselves, folks. Chow down on some good grub, and dance the night away to some good music. When you get tired, pull a chair up to the campfire and enjoy a goblet of mead.

Thanks for coming to the party.


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