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Fall Sunset

The Wheel rolls more, and Autumn returns.
Cooler the rain; the Sun lower burns.
The coloring leaves presage the Year:
All things move into harvest’s sphere.
I vow to savor fruits first picked;
nor into grief shall I be tricked.
I vow to offer what once I spurned,
and face the Turning reassured.

– Asleen O’Gaea, Celebrating the Seasons of Life: Beltane to Mabon

cemetary in field

I have come to a still, but not a deep center,
A point outside the glittering current;
My eyes stare at the bottom of a river,
At the irregular stones, iridescent sandgrains,
My mind moves in more than one place,
In a country half-land, half-water.
I am renewed by death, thought of my death,
The dry scent of a dying garden in September,
The wind fanning the ash of a low fire.
What I love is near at hand,
Always, in earth and air.

–  Theodore Roethke, The Far Field    

leaves changing

Leaves fall,
the days grow cold.
The Goddess pulls her mantle of Earth around Her
as You, O Great Sun God, sail toward the West
to the land of eternal enchantment,
wrapped in the coolness of night.
Fruits ripen,
seeds drip,
the hours of day and night are balanced.

– Mabon Sabbat and Lore

golden meadow

Smoke hangs like haze over harvested fields
The gold of stubble, the brown of turned earth
And you walk under the red light of fall
The scent of fallen apples, the dust of threshed grain
The sharp, gentle chill of fall.
Here as we move into the shadows of autumn
The night that brings the morning of spring
Come to us, Lord of Harvest
Teach us to be thankful for the gifts you bring us
The bounty of your sacrifice
The warmth and the light of friends

gathered around the bounty of the earth.

Dionysus, Osiris, Cernunnos, Dumuzi, Frey,
Lord of the grain,

– Autumn Equinox Celebration

berries and greenery

As autumn returns to earth’s northern hemisphere,
and day and night are briefly,
but perfectly,
balanced at the equinox,
may we remember anew how fragile life is —-
human life, surely,
but also the lives of all other creatures,
trees and plants,
waters and winds.

May we make wise choices in how and what we harvest,
may earth’s weather turn kinder,
may there be enough food for all creatures,
may the diminishing light in our daytime skies
be met by an increasing compassion and tolerance
in our hearts.

– Kathleen Jenks, Autumn Lore 

orange sunset

In swirling cloak of crimson,
of burnt orange and saffron,
You ride the winds of morning.
The scent of burning leaves fills the air;
the Second Harvest draws near.
Solitary once again You embody balance –
You are an archetype of the Self –
consummate, remote.
I long to follow as You seek the
formless wilderness
with never a thought to the cost.
You are the bright flame of morning,
impelling and unrestrained.
Bless me with Your passion.

–  Galen Gillotte, Mabon Morning Prayer  

september moon

O now is the time of the Harvest,
As we draw near to the years end
Now is the time of Mabon
Autumn is the time to descend.

Old Woman waits patiently for us
At the threshold of the labyrinth within
She offers her hand that we may understand
The treasures that await at journey’s end.

O Great Mother has given of Her body,
We give thanks for Her fruit and Her grain
We then clear the fields so that next harvest’s yields
Will be full and abundant again.

Old Woman leads us through the darkness
Our most ancient and trusted of friends
She carries the light of spiritual insight
And leads us to our wisdom once again.

And as we journey through the darkness
And as we continue to descend
We learn to let go of what obscures our soul
And re-discover our true being in the end.

–   Lisa Thiel, Circle of the Seasons: Mabon

Night Approaches

Now is the time of balance,

when night and day face each other as equals,
Yet at this season the night is waxing and the day is waning;
For nothing remains without change
In the tides of earth and sky.
Whatsoever rises must also set,
Whatsoever sets must also rise.
Celebrating, I will dance the dance of going and returning.
Farewell, O Sun, Ever-Returning Light,
The Hidden God, Who ever yet remains.
He now departs to the Land of Youth
Through the Gates of Death
To dwell enthroned,
The Judge of Gods and Men,
The Horned Leader of the Hosts of Air.
Yet, as He stands unseen without the Circle,
So dwelleth He within the Secret Seed,
The seed of newly repeated grain, the Seed of Flesh;
Hidden in the Earth, the Marvelous Seed of the Stars.
In Him is Life, and Life is the Light of Man,
That which was never born, and never dies.
Therefore, the Wise Ones weep not, but rejoice.

Solitary Rituals


The beautiful photography which accompanies these poems and prose of Mabon were taken by my good friend Robin, with whom I have collaborated in several posts here at the Crossroads. Within the past year, Robin has left her little acreage (including the lake) in the bogs of Ohio to establish residence on the shores of Maryland, at the Wabi-Sabi Ranch. I wish her all the best as I enjoy the photographs she shares of her new home. You can learn more about Robin and her photography at her own blog, Breezes At Dawn. I encourage you to go take a look…both her photography and her writing are beautifully expressive.

Wishing you all a Blessed Mabon.

~ Ocean

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