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Many of us in the Pagan Community are familiar with Starhawk – a well known Pagan leader, writer, and activist. A columnist for Beliefnet.com and for OnFaith, the Newsweek/Washington Post online religious forum, Starhawk is probably best known as the author of The Spiral Dance, an early classic of the NeoPagan movement, and considered practically essential to any witch’s library.

Last June 20th was the Summer Solstice, one of the eight Sabbats in the Pagan Wheel of the Year. It’s also known as Litha or Midsummer.

Starhawk wrote an article on the Summer Solstice which appeared in the Washington Post. I posted a link to this article in my own Pagan study group, of which many of the members are themselves Deaf or ASL users. One such member – Kim – decided that she liked the article so much that she wanted to translate it into American Sign Language/Conceptually Accurate Signed English (aka ASL/CASE)

Below is Kim’s video translation of Starhawk’s article. I think everyone can enjoy what Starhawk has to share with us about Summer, and about finding balance in our lives.  Below the video you will find a posting of Starhawk’s article, which you can read to get a better understanding of the contents of Kim’s video.

Enjoy, and may you have a magickal Summer.


Please remember that Kim is signing this in a more ASL format, so it is not a word-for-word translation of the below, but rather an interpretation of it into a different language. However, the below is the English content of the video. 

(Kim’s own words: “Hello! I’m now ten days late, but I want to go ahead and share comments about the Summer Solstice, which happened earlier on June 20th, 2012. So I am ten days late, but I wanted to comment via video because I found this interesting article I read that I want to share with you…okay?)

Summer solstice is the longest day and the shortest night of the year and marks the first day of summer. For witches and pagans and all who celebrate the cycles of nature, this is the time when we honor the light, knowing that it will begin to decline and bring back the dark. Nothing lasts forever. Death comes to us all, in time. Empires fall. A rising tide may lift all boats—but a tide that rises and rises without falling is not a tide at all, but a disaster.

The cycles of light and dark, growth and decay, are part of life. They are woven into our cells, our bones, and we forget them at our peril. For if we try to cling to youth without accepting age, we become like the evil Queen in Snow White, blighting all around us in our quest for private immortality. If we expect endless growth and expansion, without contraction and constraints, we become a cancer on the face of the earth.

But if we understand and embrace the balance, if we remember that dark must follow light, and that it is the season of lengthening darkness that brings us the fruits of summer and the rewards of growth, we can flourish. Age can bring us wisdom. Gardeners know that from decay comes fertile compost. Even death can bring us a deeper appreciation of the fleeting beauty of life.

Today, we’re at a crossroads. We can continue to feed unbridled greed, destroying the fabric of community and the life-support systems of the planet, or we can learn the lessons of the cycle: that we are all interconnected, that for anyone to thrive, we must respect the balance, share the abundance, and protect the web of life that supports us. Today, we do well to listen to the message of solstice: without dark, there is no light. Without night, no day. Love what you love, all the more fiercely because it will not last forever. Cherish each moment, all the more precious because grace is fleeting. Seek not triumph, but balance; not the straight trajectory upwards, but the circle, the turning wheel that brings us back to fruitful earth. Where the only constant is our continual choice and ability to love.

A blessed solstice to you all!

(Kim’s words: Article written by the famous Pagan writer, Starhawk. Enjoy the rest of your Summer!) 

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