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This post includes a video which talks about captioning and its importance to the Deaf Community. Scroll down to watch this video, which is captioned to allow for Equal Communication Access to all of  Deaf Pagan Crossroads readers. Watch this video, give it some serious thought, and then share this link with all of your friends! Spread the word….CaptionTHIS! 

As a Deaf person, I often use this blog as an opportunity to educate and advocate for Equal Communication Access – the right of deaf and hard of hearing persons to have access to communication, and thus to information that is shared in the world around them. Oftentimes we take such information for granted, and forget that access to such is often dependent upon the ability to hear. So what happens when one cannot hear? The ability to gain such information is often seriously compromised.

However, there are ways to push through these barriers and navigate that informational sea… if people are willing to make the effort. That’s by providing the necessary accommodations that grant deaf and hard of hearing people access to such information. Access can take on many different shapes and forms – including sign language interpreters, real-time captioning (CART services), assistive listening devices, writing notes or providing scripts, repeating information so one can read lips, etc.

But what about videos? As we start gaining more and more of our information from the internet, we are seeing an increasing use of on-line videos for sharing news, teaching new skills, providing entertainment, and basically keeping us connected to the world around us.

So what’s the answer? Watch this video and find out!

As this video explains, we need more and more people to get the message, folks. Equal Communication Access begins with YOU. If you make a video, learn how to caption it. Make an effort to assure that all of the videos that you post on Facebook are captioned…and if they aren’t, then speak up and let it be known that you want to see more captioned videos! Send a letter to CNN, Netflix, and other sites to let them know that you support the need for captioning of videos.

Let’s stop making excuses and start making waves. The technology exists. Does it take a little more time and effort? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.

At least I think it’s worth it…and I hope you do as well.

And on June 6th, 2012 I will be joining with others to say it loud and clear:


A big “HAT TIP” and hands waving in applause to Adam Jarashow of  California for creating this excellent video. You rock, Adam! Know that I’m with you on June 6th, and hopefully many other Crossroads readers (such as Kim below) will be joining us to educate and advocate for greater captioning access! 

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