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I have been asked by several Pagan organizations for information regarding individuals available and willing to interpret for Pagan events.

A couple of years ago, I posted an article here on the blog searching out Pagan Interpreters, or Pagan-Friendly individuals willing to interpret within the Pagan Community.

I now feel it’s time to revisit this subject and update that list so I can make it available to Pagan organizations around the country, who can then use it to make contact with those individuals, in an attempt to enhance accessibility to their events by members of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community.

Thus I am reaching out to everyone and asking that you please email me at oshginva@gmail.com and let me know if in fact you would like to be on such a listing.

In doing so, please provide the following information:



Phone Number

Geographical Area you would be willing to interpret

Are you are willing to be contacted by organizations who sponsor large nationally known events (such as PantheaCon, Pagan Spirit Gathering, Heartland Pagan Festival, etc.)

Do you hold any type of interpreter certification? If so, please describe

If no certification, please describe what training you have had in interpreting and/or ASL, such as enrolled in an Interpreter Training Program, etc.

Please describe your knowledge and/or involvement with the Pagan Community

How comfortable do you feel in being able to translate Pagan concepts and vocabulary into ASL?

Many Pagan organizations operate on a shoestring budget, and rely heavily on volunteers. If asked to provide interpreting services, what type of compensation would you be requesting (willingness to volunteer, bartering services, reduced fees, stipend, reimbursement for travel, etc.)

While I will not indiscriminately share your information with just anyone (it won’t go on public record anywhere), please be aware that I may and likely will share your contact information with those organizations in your area who contact me asking for such.


Please feel free to share this with others who may be interested!

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