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Earlier this year I wrote a post here at the Crossroads about “year words”…words which set the theme for what your year is going to be, what your focus will be.

I chose the word “roots.” To me it felt like the proper word, since I was beginning a journey in 2011 to explore my own roots and what they mean to me.

The word “roots” conjures up many meanings, amongst them being the

* A primary source; an origin

* A progenitor or ancestor from which a person or family is descended

* The condition of being settled and of belonging to a particular place or society

* The state of having or establishing an indigenous relationship with or a personal affinity for a particular culture, society, or environment

The above meanings especially resonate with me, as it seems this has been an important theme for me this year. After traipsing around the country for much of my adult life, living in 12 different states over the past 36 years, I’ve finally come home to my own roots…settling down on the banks of the Ohio River not far from where I was born and raised. I’m a native Hoosier from Southern Indiana, and I now live just on the other side of the river in Kentucky – a state I visited frequently as a child, and have always loved.

And now I’m putting down roots here in this area…

I’ve just bought my first house.

It’s a little place, just two bedrooms and one bathroom. But it’s the perfect size for this single gal and her two cats. It’s got a fireplace and wood floors. There’s a finished basement which I will make into a TV room with two Laze-Z-Boy recliners I inherited from my mother.

It also has a garage for my SUV, and a nice good-sized yard with plenty of space to grow my own herbs and veggies. In the front there’s a nice covered porch, the perfect place to hang up a porch swing and perhaps put a rocker or two – where I can invite my friends to come and sit for a spell, hand them a big glass of homemade lemonade, and watch the world go by.

I just closed on the house about two weeks ago, and I’m still in the process of moving things in. I’ve bought some antique furniture for my bedroom, and a sofa and chair for the living room – which will get covered in the new slipcovers I found at Overstock. Yeah, it’s going to take a bit of maneuvering to get everything to fit in its place…like I said, it is a small house.

But when it’s all done it will be comfy and cozy. A cute little cottage done up in a “funky, eclectic, Pagan-inspired Shabby Chic” theme.

And it will be all mine.

Okay…Karma and Gandalf may insist that it’s actually theirs, and I just bought it for them. Cats can be funny that way.

I will be all moved in by the middle of October. Then hopefully I can start inviting friends to come visit. There is a guest bedroom. If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by.

It feels good to have a house of my own.

My own roots.

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