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This is the first of a couple of blogs Deaf Pagan Crossroads will be posting about The Fifth Sacred Thing movie project – an effort by well know Pagan teacher, leader, and author Starhawk to bring her book to the silver screen. Several of these blogs will include videos created by Starhawk and her team. Recognizing the importance of Equal Communication Access, these videos are captioned for the deaf and hard of hearing. On behalf of the Deaf Community I want to thank everyone associated with The Fifth Sacred Thing for serving as an example the movie industry could take lessons from in captioning their videos, and wish them all the very best success with this project.

~ Ocean

scroll down to watch captioned video

One of the first books I read when I began my journey down the Pagan Path was The Spiral Dance by Starhawk, a classic piece of Pagan literature that in my humble opinion belongs in every witch’s library. Whether or not you agree with everything Starhawk says or does, in her books she offers up her wit and her wisdom in a beautifully written manner that gives one food for thought and a special way of looking at the universe around us…and our relationship to it.

It is this relationship that plays an integral theme in Starhawk’s post-apocalyptic novel which was published in 1993 – The Fifth Sacred Thing. 

This book, set in California in the year 2048, tells the story of an ecotopian society in the Bay Area intent on choosing life over guns, and maintaining their simple yet rich vision of the future against the invasion of an authoritarian and corporate-driven government determined to conquer and destroy.

Today, eighteen years later, efforts are under way to bring this story to the movie screen:

I am excited at the possibility of sharing the message of The Fifth Sacred Thing via film, and have channeled that excitement into efforts to share the news of this project with others. I hope that you are excited too…excited enough to make a donation to help fund this project.

To help with the initial funding, Starhawk and her team have initiated a Kickstarter campaign to raise $60,000. They reached this goal on Lughnasadh – what a wonderful way to celebrate the Sabbat! However, the campaign is still running until Sunday, August 21st, so you still have a little time left to make a donation if you haven’t yet. Every little bit helps…and for five dollars or more, you will receive a gift of appreciation.

Here’s the link:



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