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In my previous post, I introduced my readers to Starhawk, her book The Fifth Sacred Thing, and to her dream to bring this book to the silver screen.

In this video, Starhawk now introduces us to her producers, as well as some beautiful artwork in the Bay area. In addition, she talks about the importance of funding and support for this project:

The Kickstarter fundraising campaign ended on Sunday, August 21st with The Fifth Sacred Thing having exceeded its funding goal of $60,000. A total of $76,327 was raised by 1431 backers. The average donation was around fifty-three dollars.

Of course, this is just the beginning. Making a movie requires money…lots of it. By raising the above sum, The Fifth Sacred Thing has demonstrated that there is community support for such a movie, and this support will come in handy when talking to potential backers of the film. It will demonstrate that the team is serious in wanting to bring the message of this story to movie-goers everywhere.

It will be several years before The Fifth Sacred Thing actually makes it into the movie theater. But every project begins with a vision, and every journey to manifest a vision into reality starts with a small step.

This is just the first of many small steps.

But each step brings us closer to the goal, and the journey along the way becomes one of hope, excitement, and possibilities.

It is my hope that you will join me in supporting The Fifth Sacred Thing’s journey, sharing in the excitement of the its message, and visualizing the possibilities of this message being produced in film.

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