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This post contains a video about a children’s book. Scroll down to watch the video, which is accessible for deaf and hard of hearing Friends of the Crossroads. Enjoy, and have a wonderful Summer Solstice!

In a prior post, I introduced my readers to Pagan author Edain Duguay, who has written a number of children’s books focusing on the celebration of the Sabbats. So far she has completed five books, and is working on the final three in the series of eight books (one for each of the Sabbats), known as “The Witchlets of Witches Brew.”

Not only has Edain written the books, she has also created trailers to help introduce interested readers to this series. Currently there are four such trailers, and more will be made for the additional books (The fifth book just came out earlier this year and does not have a trailer for it yet).

One such book focuses on the Sabbat of Litha. It is entitled Ivy the Stubborn Witch and you can learn more about the book by watching the following video:

The Witchlets series are published as eBooks (electronic books) for reading on your computer or eBook device. For more information on purchasing Ivy the Stubborn Witch, check out the following link:


This might make a good book for the children in your life!

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