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This post contains a video which teaches a simple process for creating your own mandalas. Scroll down to find the video. This video is accessible for my deaf and hard of hearing Friends of the Crossroads. Enjoy!

Voice of Spring’s Return

created by Sue O’Kieffe, Sacred Circle Mandalas

I love mandalas – those intricate works of art often created in a circular form utilizing concentric repeated patterns. They often remind me of the intricate patterns one finds when looking into a kaleidoscope, which was one of my favorite toys as a child.

What is a mandala? According to the Mandala website, a mandala is “a sacred circle…the focal point which symbolizes our spirit, which like the circle has no beginning and no end.”¬†Mandalas embody the transcendental qualities of the Ineffable — the metaphysical principles from which the Universe is made.

The word mandala means “circle” and/or “community” in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. They are often found in the Hindu and Buddhist religious traditions, as well as in the meditation practices of tantra.

I like what Sue O’Kieffe has to say about mandalas:

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means containing essence. Mandalas are used as symbols for healing, prayer, and meditation. My digital mandalas are inspired by the beauty of nature to bring healing and inspiration to your spirit.

~Sue O’Kieffe

Sue, who lives in California, is a mandala artist who shares her beautiful creations on her blog, Sacred Circle Mandalas. She has been creating mandalas since the mid 1990’s and began working with digital mandalas in 2005, using photographs she takes of the beauty she sees in the world around her. It was an honor to introduce her work to my Crossroads readers back in 2008, with my Yule post… and I am happy to be revisiting her today.

Ocean Weaver Mandala

created by Sue O’Kieffe, Sacred Circle Mandalas

I doubt that I will ever develop the expertise with digital art to create a mandala to rival any of those on Sue’s site.

I even wondered if I had the artistic expertise to even attempt drawing one.

SeaScape Mandala

created by Sue O’Kieffe, Sacred Circle Mandalas

But fortunately Sue recently shared on her Facebook page a beautifully made video that breaks down the process of drawing a mandala into simple steps that practically anyone can follow to create their own. I haven’t tried it yet, but I fully intend to.

The video is entitled “How to Grow a Mandala.” It was created by Dr. Prema Akasha –¬†a musician, poet, writer, and artist who knows that each of us has the ability to express the beauty and wisdom of our true nature. She finds great joy in sharing her creative gifts and encouraging others to do the same. Here it is:

I really love the format of this video – I don’t think it’s a mere coincidence that I discovered it on Ostara, a day when we plant the seeds of our own new beginnings, that we might watch them grow and develop as the wheel turns and the seasons come and go. It also fits in well with my Year Word for 2011…“roots.” As we plant the seed of our own mandala, we can watch it take root and blossom into a beautiful work of art.

I’m going to try this in the next few days. I might make a little ritual out of it…light a candle, burn some incense, and sit with my colored pencils and let the silence inspire me. Who knows what I will come up with? Once I am finished, I will have my own mandala I can meditate with.

Maybe I will share a picture of it with my friends here at the Crossroads. And if you create one, feel free to send me a photo, and perhaps I will share it here as well.

Special thanks to both Sue and Prema for letting me share their essence and their work with my readers. And if you do create a mandala, feel free to stop by and leave a comment, and let me know how it worked for you. And certainly…I would be happy to share that photo here if you so desire!

~ Ocean

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