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In this post Ocean lists the final eleven cards (12 – 22) of the Major Arcana, used in determining your Year Card…and gives a brief explanation of the meaning of each of these cards. Be sure to first read the “Finding Your Year Card…” post to learn how to do the calculation necessary…then look up your card!

Phoenix Tarot by Paola Angelotti

12 Hanged Man – sacrifice; release; letting go; inward spiritual growth; isolation; purification; humility; “the peace of acceptance”; withdrawing from society; calmness; surrendering to the rhythms of life; peace and understanding; independence; inner awareness; free of social pressure; change in priorities; reversing one’s circumstances, suspending things

Robin Wood Tarot

13 Death – rebirth; transformation; emotional growth; new beginnings; welcomed change; new way of life; hope for tomorrow; letting go of old habits; new energy; getting rid of all that is unnecessary; liberation; investigating hidden things; research; living on the edge

Lo Scarabeo Tarot

14 Temperance – creative combinations; combining things in new and different ways; endurance; finding unknown resources; rejuvenating your mind; reviving old ideas; mediation; building bridges/connections; networking; restoration; building your new self; moderation; balance in all things; doing the right thing; waiting things out; avoiding extremes

The Devil sculpture in the Tarot Garden of Niki de Saint Phalle in Italy

15 The Devil – ambition; possessed by desires; breaking taboos; frustration & apprehension; pessimism & distrust; stirring up excitement; defy convention; freeing self from enslavement; “opening Pandora’s box”; illusion; oppression; materialism; misery; sexual obsession; depression; narrow view of life; encountering fears; bondage; wrong decisions; temptation

Tarot of Trees by Dana Driscoll

16 The Tower – new insight; discovering the truth; an awakening; honesty; receiving shocking news; seeing something for what it truly is; self-knowledge; new revelations; illness; nervous breakdown; revolution; rebellion; falsehoods revealed; significant change in thought, action, or appearance; liberation; releasing repressed energy; breaking old habits; letting go of the past; betrayal; enlightenment; upheaval

Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot

17 The Star – reflection; hope; potential; opportunities; illumination; meditation; subconscious; talents; desires; dreams; positive thinking; good health; achieving goals; “being the star”; letting your light shine; confidence; peace; healing; inner calm; inspiration

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

18 The Moon – visions, myths, & images; imagination; collective unconscious; “animal self”; untamed; madness; nightmares; fears; moods; gateway into the unknown; strange emotions; dishonesty; deception; fluctuation; unexpected changes; psychic; discovering hidden facts; disillusionment; sensitivity; intuition; “out of touch”; occult; confusion

Mystic Faerie Tarot – artwork by Linda Ravenscroft

19 The Sun – success; new projects; goodwill; enthusiasm; happiness; secrets revealed; reconciliations; children; conception; warm-hearted; generous; riches; prosperity; wholeness; rebirth; transformation; accomplishments; self-fulfillment; leadership; good health; love & romance; marriage; enlightenment; energy; radiance; “feeling alive”; freedom; beauty of life

Guilded Tarot

20 Judgement – death; endings; mortality; family; relationships; personal power; judging others; being judged; eternal truth; inner calling; values & morals; meaningful existence; coming to terms with the past; making changes; release; transformation

Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

21 The World – completion of projects; end of a cycle; giving birth to yourself; success; strong connection to Mother Earth; “where in the world you are”; freedom from dependency; integration of physical and spiritual; dancing; the dance of life; realization of plans; triumph; prosperity; accomplishment; responsibility; self-acceptance; employment; self-expression; world travel; achievement; satisfaction

Rider-Waite Tarot

22 The Fool – carefree; footloose; travel; making a major move; taking risks; live in the present; doing your own thing; follow your instincts; take a leap of faith; innocence; “devil may care attitude”; stepping off the beaten track; marching to your own drum; being totally free; beginnings; courage; optimism; opportunity; “seize the day”; making major decisions; turning over a new leaf

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