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Recently, one of my internet friends notified me about an interesting letter that is apparently making its way around the World Wide Web this holiday season. Unfortunately I had yet to see a copy of this mass e-mail – most likely because of the excellent spam filter I recently installed on my lap-top. However, I was able to convince one of my “puter pals” to forward it to me, and thus I was able to take a look at it for myself:

Dear Friends:

I am centuries old. I am known around the world, and by many different names – Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Papa Noel.

Recently my elves have begun telling me that there is no Virginia.. that there is nobody who still believes in me, or still believes in the special magick of Christmas. Even Mrs. Claus, who has always been a most steady and stalwart supporter of the concept of Virginia, has begun to have her doubts.

I figured the best way to find out was to do what the current tech-savvy world is doing these days – send out an email over the internet and see what sort of response I get.

So please tell me the truth: is there a Virginia?

Santa Claus

The North Pole

Hmmm…interesting inquiry indeed! I was curious to see what kind of responses one might get to such a question, so I sent out my own e-mail to some of my friends to see how they would answer.

I didn’t get a whole lot of responses, which in itself leaves me wondering a little. Has Virginia indeed disappeared? Do people no longer believe in her, or in what she represents? Has the magic truly gone out of Christmas and the holiday season? Is there no more love and laughter?

Maybe I’m just being a cynic. After all, people are busy with their own plans and schedules and whathaveyou. And this isn’t such a simple question with a simple answer. I’m sure many of them do believe. After all, I did get some responses, which does suggest there is still something (or someone) out there…

* “Yes Santa…there is a Virginia. And she is a true Goddess indeed!”

Ahhh… so Virginia is a goddess. Of course, this begs the question – Goddess of what?

Here’s another one:

* Dear Santa,

Yes indeed there is a Virginia, and I don’t mean the State.  How to describe Virginia….obviously this is a very complex question to address, as you well know being Santa course.

She is the one of the constellations in the night sky.  Not one of the more obvious ones; but one of the more mysterious ones…which despite a thousand lights around her continues to let her own light be seen, and somehow through cloud cover or calm seas, twilight and moonlight, manages to make herself known and be a guiding star to those who look for her.

True to the nature of many stars, she prevails through a chaos of storms which most of us can’t even conceive, and yet somehow still retains her position in the heavens.  Waxing and waning, she moves throughout our lives and yet it is always a joy to have her there either in full or in part.  That, Sir, is Virginia.

So Virginia is a constellation, a shining star, a silvery moon. Such a beautiful analogy. Obviously Virginia is quite meaningful to some of the folks who have met her. But I still can’t help wondering if she still exists down here on terra firma, surviving the daily drudgery of the real world.

Maybe this next response will help me locate her…

* Dear Santa;

Funny you should ask if there is a Virginia…Virginia often wonders if there is a you.

In the folk story of the little girl, people tell her that ‘Santa’ isn’t necessarily a person – he’s a symbol of kindness, love and the glory of being a part of this often brutal world.  Santa is an energy – a glow – a feeling that reminds us we are all connected to something greater than ourselves.

It’s not a coincidence that the state of Virginia is ‘…for lovers…’. Nor is it a coincidence that Virginia contains the word Virgin – a symbol of pure love and innocence.

Virginia isn’t a person. Virginia isn’t a place. Virginia is – for you – what Santa is for her. A reminder that you need to carry a message to those who have forgotten: Santa doesn’t belong to any one religion or people.

Santa doesn’t belong in picture books as a jolly fat man. He is the Green Man (it’s not a coincidence that Green and Red are the color of Christmas) and he is a tribute to the days of old when community supported each other to survive.  Even a ‘lump of coal’ meant much to those who needed fuel.

Help us, Santa. Don’t let yourself be used by those who would bastardize what you really mean.

Sooo…Virginia can’t be found at Macy’s, or purchased at Neiman-Marcus. Now I get it. Virginia isn’t a “thing.” She’s a thought, a feeling, a concept. She’s a warm fuzzy.

But isn’t there a personification of Virginia? Can’t we embody all of those thoughts and feelings and concepts in a living being?

Wouldn’t the world indeed be dreary if there were no Virginias?

The above responses certainly imply that without the Virginias of the universe, we would definitely be missing something.



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