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Arian Moon Compass


The Desire to Relate

October Full Moon, 2009

This month’s full moon is Sunday, October 4th in the cardinal fire sign, Aries symbolized by the ram or ram’s horn and ruled by Mars, planet of the desire to relate. Aries is said to be the warrior of the zodiac, but I am much fonder of the larger category of the desire to relate. War and warriors are indicative of either a break down in that desire or an abuse of power. In Aries we can touch into our desire. We can play, work or fight, but our feelings about our desire to interact with others will be highlighted at this time.

web_ariesAries is also known for the power of concentration, the ability to focus. To hear that, to say that, is one thing. To understand how it can manifest is another. Just recently a friend made a comment about her Aries Sun husband that really expanded for me the concept of what it is like to live a focused life. I had never thought of what qualities manifesting such focus could look like. Let’s just say that multi-tasking suffers from this perspective. Not that one necessarily can’t, but the desire to maintain the focus just kind of takes priority and distractions are easily ignored.

RTEmagicC_inqmnd_focus.jpgThere are many places and times in our lives when this kind of focus could work to our advantage. Under an Arian Moon we can experience a focusing of our emotions, our psychic abilities, our intuition. Watching who and what catches our attention, what arouses our desire to be in relationship; will deepen an understanding of who we are and what motivates us.

The image of the chart is again that of a compass. This month the Sun in the 3rd house of communication is the point with the opposition to the Moon in the 9th house of spiritual ethics, higher education, reaching out to foreign cultures/spiritualities creating one side of the compass arrow. Jupiter, planet of expansion, storytelling, and faith, trines the Sun from the 7th house of intimate partnership to form the other side of the compass point.

The compass is pointing East of South giving us “E” and “S” words to form our desired actions. So we could…

  • take the Easy Slide into our future
  • get an Early Start
  • Express the Sacred in word and deed
  • Eliminate Sarcasm
  • Embody the Spiral
  • Enlighten the Shadow
  • Enlarge our Sanctuary
  • Educate the Self

Our choices are limited only by our imagination and desire. With an Arian focus and energy available, and a supportive trine to the planet of expansion, Jupiter, it is a good time to begin manifesting new feelings about our relationship with self and others.

And with those words I stop. The desire to relate is mightier than the pen at this time. Have a good time and go play with others.

Once again I am indebted to my friend Beverly Hof-Miller of Full Moon Musings for her teachings and writings on the Full Moon, which she generously shares with me and others. Thanks, Bev!

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