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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse August 5 at 8:39 P.M. EST (13 Aquarius 35)

cycle of eclipse

This eclipse will be visible from Western Asia, eastern North America, South America, Africa, Europe and the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. However, according to my sources, while the eclipse will take place, the human eye probably won’t detect any specific darkening for this particular eclipse, the way it was visible for the one which occurred on July 7th. This is because most of the sunlight will not be blocked by the Earth.

Lunar Eclipses occur when the Earth interrupts light shining on the Moon. This is only possible when the moon is full. A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is a slight shading of the moon that occurs when the moon passes through the outer edges of the Earth’s shadow.

From an astrological perspective, a penumbral lunar eclipse is not as potent as a total eclipse.

During a full moon, people tend to take things more personally and feel more emotional, irrational and psychically sensitive. A lunar eclipse revs these emotions up another notch.

We also see the consequences of actions taken (or not taken) six months earlier.

It is never a good time to begin a “new” project two days before, the day of or one day after a Lunar Eclipse. It is an excellent time to finish things already started, wrap things up and let things go…especially bad habits. You can expect to feel stressed when your blockages and old habits begin to crumble but this stress will soon be replaced by a new sense of freedom.

People most affected by this eclipse are people born with planets near 13 ½ degrees of Aquarius or Leo and people born under the signs Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio and areas of the world where the eclipse is most visible.

What is interesting is that this eclipse marks the third and final eclipse occurring in a one month period of time, which began with a lunar eclipse on July 6th, a solar eclipse on July 21st, and ends with another lunar eclipse on August 5th.

Thus we’ve gotten hit with a triple wallop of eclipses over the past month, and this has undoubtedly affected us. If you’ve been feeling a bit “out of sorts” over the past couple of weeks (or even couple of months), this might explain why. We can often feel the effect of eclipses up to a month before the actual eclipse…and to give you a perspective, it’s been said that the energy of an eclipse is approximately 10 times that of a full or new moon.

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