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If money was not a problem, I would be throwing the biggest, fanciest bash in San Francisco, and inviting everyone to come and party the night away… helping me to celebrate 25 years as an ordained Wiccan High Priestess.

And those of you who live a distance away need not worry… you would find a limo waiting at the door; compliments of yours truly, ready to transport you to the nearest airport, where a private jet will fly you to the City On the Bay… so you can join in the festivities.

But alas – I’ve got champagne taste and beer money. In another words… I’m broke, and there’s no pennies in the budget for parties.

So the best I can do is tell you to close your eyes while I wave my magic wand… and we shall be transported through the darkness to a time outside of time, and a place outside of space…

Enjoy the party – and please leave a comment so I know you were there!

P.S. You can check out the special Anniversary Honors here:


Since Ocean loves seafood,

we’re holding a good old-fashioned clambake on the beach!

clambake poster

To start us off,

there’s plenty of boiled shrimp served up with bowls of cocktail sauce…


shrimp cocktail

raw oysters for those who like ’em

(you do know what oysters are good for, don’tcha???)

raw oysters

and crab legs with lots of melted butter!

crab legs

There’s also plenty of raw veggies with dip…

veggie basket

lots of fresh fruit…

flowery fruit arrangement

and a variety of cheeses.

cheese platter

As the sun begins to slowly set,

and we celebrate this day of the Summer Solstice…

goddess and sun

you can enjoy some New England “clam chowdah”

served up in sourdough bread bowls…

clam chowder in bread bowl

or a spicy seafood gumbo!

spicy seafood gumbo

Just make sure to leave room for the main attraction,

for here it comes now!

dancing lobsters

smoking lobsters

cooking lobster

clambake pot

So dig in, cuz there’s plenty!

how to eat a lobster

plates of lobsters

lobster and stuff on plate

There’s also steaks on the grill…

steak on the grill

chicken and shrimp

shrimp on the barbie

and veggie kabobs!

vegetarian kabobs

and of course,

what Pagan Party would be complete without a bottle…

mead in the sky

or two…

mountain meadows agave

or three…

ring of fire mead



of that wonderful “nectar of the gods”

sunshine nectar mead

known as

drunken parrot mead

So Osh dons her official party hat and we all celebrate!

mead goddess hat

As the sun sets, we all gather around

while Ocean cuts the Anniversary Cake

summery cake

Then we sit around the campfire,

roasting marshmellows


for that final treat of the night!

rocky s'more

Thank you for joining me for my party.

Goddess Bless and Goddess Keep

~ Ocean

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