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The below prayer, which has been attributed to the Native American Ute Tribe, perhaps best expresses my own sentiments about what we can learn from the Earth – today, tomorrow, and always.



Earth teach me stillness…as the grasses are stilled with light

Earth teach me suffering…as old stones suffer with memory

Earth teach me humility…as blossoms are humble with beginning

Earth teach me caring…as the mother who secures her young

Earth teach me courage…as the tree which stands alone

Earth teach me limitation…as the ant which crawls on the ground

Earth teach me freedom…as the eagle which soars in the sky

Earth teach me resignation…as the leaves which die in the fall

Earth teach me regeneration…as the seed which rises in the spring

Earth teach me to forget myself…

as melted snow forgets its life

Earth teach me to remember kindness…

as dry fields weep in the rain

Note: This is a Native American prayer which was originally found in the Unitarian Universalist prayer book. It has been posted on a number of different websites around the internet, including that of Cheryl Davis, an artist who specializes in portraying the beauty and heritage of Native American people. Cheryl’s site can be found at http://www.cheryldavisnativeamericanart.com/

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