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Things are getting busy around here, folks.

This week I’m working over sixty hours. I can’t complain – it means lots of overtime pay, and I can use the money! Besides, most of my hours are the overnight shift when the clients are asleep and I really have a lot of “downtime” to just relax and watch TV, etc. (It’s a 24/7 residential program, so someone has to be on duty at all times).

But it also means I’m not home much, and thus not near the computer.

I really need to buy a laptop. That’s on my wish list.

Truthfully though, even with the overnight hours there is still enough on the job to keep me pretty busy, so blogging isn’t exactly on my mind these days.

It’s more like “where did Client A lose his keys THIS time?” or “Can Client B just give me ONE night of not wetting the bed at two in the morning?!?” or… Goddess forbid … “Please don’t let Client C have another temper tantrum, start throwing things, and put another hole in the wall.”

Blogging keeps me sane – when I have time to do it, that is.

Yet as much as I enjoy it (and would prefer to keep my sanity reasonably intact), I have come to recognize an honest reality…

I’m under no obligation to have to keep throwing up posts just to give folks something new to read.

Harsh, but true.

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy writing for my readers, and I hope you enjoy reading what I post here.

But blogging should be a joy, not a task.

Getting clients up in the morning, getting them bathed and dressed and fed, and driving them to their jobs or day programs is a task. Not that I don’t like it, because I do. But I do it because frankly… I like to eat. I like to watch cable TV. I like to sleep (what little time I get to do it these days)… preferably in a warm bed under a secure roof.

Doing all of the above requires that little mandatory item known as a paycheck. Much like commercials on TV and advertisements in magazines, it pays the bills.

Hence, the sixty-plus hours.

And since I want to keep blogging as something that I do for the love of it, it’s taking a bit of a break for awhile.

Ohhhh… I might put up the random post here and there just to let y’all know I haven’t died yet. But at least for the next two or three weeks, until things quiet down a little bit, don’t expect to see a whole lot of activity around the Crossroads.

If you’ve been a long-time fan of my writing, thank you for sticking it out with me. I’ll be back soon, I promise.

If you’re a newcomer just getting to know your way around this place, now is a good time to catch up on some of my past posts and get to know a little more about the Crossroads, the woman who resides here, and the folks who stop by. Feel free to browse around… you will see some of my favorite posts listed on the menu at the right, and others can be found by clicking on the various topics in the Categories section.

You can also visit some of the other blogs/vlogs that I recommend, or various links that I’ve found interesting.

Gotta run… the clients are begging me to make pancakes.

~ Ocean

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