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Almost a year ago, I posted an article in which I talked about tattoos, their popularity in the Pagan Community, and getting my own tattoo – “The Goddess Must Love Tattoos.” This post quickly became quite popular with my readership, as fellow inked Pagans shared with me their own experiences of getting a tattoo, as well as emailing me pictures of their own body art. This prompted me to write another post – “Tattoos, Paganism, and This Blog,” where I shared some of my thoughts about getting a tattoo, as well as posting some pictures sent in my friends.

Together these two posts continue to be the most popular here at Deaf Pagan Crossroads. It seems that everybody loves tattoos!

Not only are tattoos popular in the Pagan Community, but the Deaf Community loves its tattoos as well. I know of several Deaf individuals who have tattoos, and some of them have sent me pictures as well.

The most recent addition to my collection of “Inked Deafies” is my friend John Lestina. Many of you in the Deaf Blogosphere know John… he vlogs over at ABC – Always Be Cool, where he keeps us laughing with his ASL jokes.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting John and his wife Jill, and staying in their home. They are truly beautiful people and I enjoyed my visit. Thanks to John and Jill, and I look forward to seeing you both again soon!

John and Jill have two children, both boys – Johnnie is 19 and studying music at a school in Florida… one might consider it ironic that the son of Deaf parents would be interested in music, but John and Jill are very proud of him and supportive of his dream to become a musician. Jason is 18 and a senior in high school, with plans to attend Purdue University next year.

Johnnie and Jason are what is known as CODA – Child Of Deaf Adults. This refers to the hearing children of Deaf parents. Like many CODAs, they are both skilled in ASL (American Sign Language) and have been involved in the Deaf Community since they were young. Younger children are known as KODAs…Kids Of Deaf Adults.

This past Christmas of 2007, John along with his sons got a special present – yup, you guessed it…


Because John is known for his ABC and is indeed a pretty cool guy, he decided to get a tattoo that represents this aspect of himself:


you can see a close-up of this tattoo at JohnABC’s vlog http://johnlestina.blogspot.com/2007/12/johnabcs-surprise.html


Johnnie decided to get a tattoo that reflects his love for music:



Jason decided to get a tattoo that shows his love for his parents and his pride in his heritage:

Notice that on both sides of the CODA are hands, representing the use of hands for communicating in American Sign Language.

You might be wondering…”Hey! Where’s the mom?” Well, it appears that Jill decided to leave the tattoos to the guys and currently remains inkless. Maybe in the future she will change her mind…smile!

I think these tattoos are pretty cool. What I also like is that the Lestinas got their tattoos together, and use them to help show their family pride.

I suppose you could say that the family that inks together, stays together!

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