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As I read the various posts at DeafRead in which many Deaf individuals express their thoughts and opinions about the recent Deaf Bilingual Coalition demonstration at the A.G. Bell Conference in Virginia, I am struck by an important thought…

The main goal of DBC isn’t just about sign language for deaf children, nor is DBC about being against speech therapy and cochlear implants.

The main goal of DBC is one that all of us want – for ourselves, for deaf children, and for the deaf and hard of hearing community as a whole…


Deaf children need that full equal access to language, to communication, to understanding. They need it in all the different ways possible…this can include lipreading, auditory aids, visual cues…


By having such access, deaf children can grow up to be happy, healthy, successful deaf adults.

This is why I’m involved in the Equal Communication Access Campaign, and I encourage you to get involved also!

How can you do this?




This is a great opportunity for you to express your thoughts and feelings about the issue of communication and how important it is…for Deaf children and Deaf adults both!

Your blog or vlog or video doesn’t have to be long and fancy…it can be short and sweet if you prefer!

Just tell us what you think…tell us how you feel.

How did the recent DBC/AGBell demonstration influence the way you think about Equal Communication Access? What do you think Equal Communication Access means? What should it include? Why is it important? Should deaf babies have the right to Equal Communication Access? Should deaf adults have that same right to Equal Communication Access? How can we work to advocate for and promote Equal Communication Access?

So create your blog or vlog or video…post it on your site…and then send in your entry for the ECA Blogging/Vlogging Contest soon!

Remember, the deadline for entries is Saturday, August 25th

For more information on how to enter the contest, click here



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