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One of my internet friends, Robin – whose photographs have been displayed on a number of my posts here at the Crossroads – has begun a little project over on her own blog site… known as Bountiful Healing.

The other day she put up a picture of a crayon box, along with a wonderful quote from Robert Fulgham, the man who wrote the book All I Really Need to Know I Learned In Kindergarten.

To see this post, click on the crayons below:


click on picture to go to Robin’s crayon post

photograph by laffy4k


I have to agree with Lachlanne…I wonder where we can find those miniature parachutes.


With the above post, Robin begins an exploration of color, and all the wonderful colors that exist in our world. She starts off with an exciting explosion about the miracle of color:


click on picture to go to Robin’s explosive post

photograph by Harry S


Today (June 27th) she begins discussing individual colors, starting with yellow. That’s a nice cheery color to start off this project. Yellow reminds me of lemons and dandelions and butter and the brick road in the Wizard of Oz…


click on photograph for Robin’s “Yellow” post

photograph by dpade1337


I’m looking forward to the continuation of Robin’s “Color Project.”

I’m a fan of folk singer Judy Collins, who has been a favorite musician of mine since my high school years. Back in 1972 she created a compilation album entitled…“Colors of the Day.” This album contains some of my favorite songs of Judy’s, including Both Sides Now, Someday Soon, and Albatross…from which we get the title of the album:

Even now by the gate with your long hair blowing
And the colors of the day that lie along your arms
You must barter your life to make sure you are living
And the crowd that has come
You give them the colors
And the bells and wind and the dream

Somehow…I’d like to think Judy would join Robert, Robin and I in launching those Crayola bombs.




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