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I’ve been going over my blog statistics, and I find it interesting to take a look at which posts seem to attract the greatest number of readers. Over the past nearly eight months, I have put up a total of 110 posts. That averages out to nearly 4 a week, or one every other day. Yup, been keeping myself busy!

So which posts have turned out to be your favorites? I picked out the top ten, and here they are…listed from the lowest to the highest:

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10 goddess-as-tree.jpg A Pagan Blessing in ASL

9 soap.jpg Three Bars of Soap and a Massage

8 spiral-goddess.jpg The Spiral Goddess

7 rennfaire-2.jpg On Being Deaf and Pagan

6 carl.jpg Blessings to Carl

5 pedestal.jpg Is This Putting ASL On a Pedestal?

4 pub-cropped.jpg A Hearing Person’s View of Through Deaf Eyes

3 firewalking6.gif Yes, Deaf People CAN Walk On Fire!

2 sign-sculpture.jpg Thoughts On Through Deaf Eyes

And the number one top post here at Deaf Pagan Crossroads…

1 tattoo-close.jpg The Goddess Must Love Tattoos

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