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In my earlier post, “I Am a Pagan,” I talked about some of the beliefs of the Pagan Path, as explained by Selena Fox. In this post, we explore the Pagan Wheel of the Year and the Eight Sabbats (holy days) which are celebrated by many Pagans – particularly those who follow the Wiccan or Witchcraft traditions.

I am a Pagan. I celebrate the changing seasons; the turning of the Wheel of the Year. I celebrate with music, feasting, rituals, and celebrations.


samhain.jpg~ Samhain, or Halloween (October 31st) is a time for gazing into the future and for paying homage to my ancestors and other loved ones in the spirit world. I work magick for greater religious freedom for practitioners of earth-based faiths, and for humankind as a whole.

yule.jpg~ Yule, the Winter Solstice (December 21st) is a festival of peace, light, and celebration of the new Sun Child, the Great Mother Goddess, and the Gnome God. I decorate my home with lights and with holly, ivy, mistletone, evergreens, and other herbs sacred to this season.

imbolc.jpg~ At the beginning of February (February 2nd), I celebrate Candlemas, also known as Imbolc and Groundhog’s Day. During this festival of Brigid, I light candles and focus on spiritual purification and clearing away of blockages to prepare for the coming of Spring and new growth.

ostara-rabbit.jpg~ At the time of the Spring Equinox (March 21st), I welcome the renewal of Spring and celebrate the greening of the Earth by dressing in green myself. I honor the goddess Ostara and Her consort, the rabbit…and I share colored eggs with my friends.

beltane.jpg~ Beltane (May 1st) at the beginning of May is a festival of fertility and creativity, and I decorate myself with bright colors and flowers. I dance around the maypole to bless the gardens and creative projects.

summer-solstice.jpg~ Summer Solstice (June 21st), also known as Midsummer and Litha, is a grand gathering time when I greet old friends and meet new ones. I dance with them around a sacred bonfire to the magic rhythms of drums.

lughnasadh.jpg~ As August arrives (August 1st), I celebrate Lughnassad, also known as Lammas. At this festival, I honor the height of growth and prosperity, and I not only give thanks for the wild and cultivated herbs and other blessings that are starting to come to fruition, but I also pray for continued abundance.

apple.jpg ~ Fall Equinox (September 21st), also called Mabon, is the time of thanksgiving for all the harvests I have reaped during the growing time. I return to the earth offerings of the best of the fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts, and other food stuffs I have gathered.

And at Samhain, this Pagan Yearly Cycle begins again.

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