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It all started with a Deaf friend, a photograph, and a misspelled word.

I am a big lover of Rennaisance Festivals, and I enjoy going to them. I have a number of medieval outfits that I often like to wear when I do attend such events, in order to feel like I am actually living back in those old times.

A small weekend Rennaisance Festival was taking place in the town where I used to live, and of course I decided I had to go… and get dressed up as well! So I went over to see a friend of mine, who helped me put on my clothing and lace up my bodice (it helps to have another person do this for you). Then we took a few pictures of me, one of which you can see here:


I decided to send a copy of this picture to a good friend of mine – a former Gallaudet classmate and fellow Deaf Professional. I won’t divulge his identity…suffice to say he’s pretty well known in the Deaf Community…<grin>

Anyway, he sends me back an email saying “WOW! Nice pic! You make a good wrench!”


Obviously the boy can’t spell.

So much for that Gally education! <wink> Ha Ha…just kidding, folks…

I believe what my good buddy meant to say is “wench” – an Olde English word meaning peasant girl or servant woman – often found working in pubs and inns.

Wrench” is a metal device used for tightening bolts and such.

As I said to my good friend Crystal – “First time I have ever been called an automotive tool.” She nearly choked on her coffee.

Since then, the word has gotten around…and a number of my friends now refer to me as “The Wrench.”

To make things even worse, one day I was actually talking to my Deaf friend via AIM, and was scolding him for his misspelling, and how I am now being teased because of it. He responded by telling me to “quit yer bitchin’, ye wrench!”


So for better or for worse, looks like I’m gonna hafta live with being known as that tool.

When the holidays arrived last year, and I was out shopping for gifts for my friends, it wasn’t hard to figure out what to send to my “spelling failure colleague.” So what did I get him?

A wrench, of course.

He sent me back a card thanking me for his gift, and congratulating me on my new job. He signed it saying “I’m proud of my wrench!”

I still haven’t figured out if he was talking about the dang tool…

Or me.


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